Kilimanjaro Animal Rescue​

What Do We Do As An Animal Rescue? 

We provide stray street dogs with a home, food and medical costs, if and when needed. We are searching for safe and loving homes for the rescue dogs. We teach about Animal Welfare. We include the Children living in Feathers Tale Children’s Village in the care of the Animals. We offer Equine Therapy to special needs children. You can find out more by visit our dedicated website on kilimanjaro animal rescue

Why Is An Animal Rescue Needed? 

All dogs in our care were either starved, abused, suffered from medical problems like mange or have been hit by cars and were in desperate need of an operation. Some of our worst cases involved dogs being beaten half to death, or hung from trees to euthanize them…

In a country where people suffer, the domestic animals suffer even more.

How Can I Share With A Rescued Animal? 

We have some different options for you to share with the animals. Many rescue dogs are still looking for a loving sponsor, who will help them to find a forever home here at our rescue shelter. It only takes a little as £2.00 a week to support a stray street puppy/dog.

You can also share with our two horses Sanjan and Shinjuku. You can help to make them strong enough, so they can share their love, silent protection and healing with the special needs children living in Feathers Tale.

Share With A Rescue Dog

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Your act of sharing helps to support a rescue dog, with a loving home, medical care and food in their belly.

How does sharing with a rescue dog help?

  • Provides Housing.
  • Provides Food.
  • Provides Medical costs, as and when needed.
  • Keeps the dogs safe from the very difficult life on the streets, including hunger, violence and diverse sicknesses such as rabies and parvo etc.
  • Provides local families and individuals with income, by providing much-needed employment in the area.
  • Shares knowledge about animal welfare with the community.
  • teaches the children in the village the importance of a four-legged friend.
  • and most importantly it shares the great gift of safe and loving home, where healing and care can be found in abundance.


Bronze adoption is £2.50 a week or £10 a month, this will feed and house a stray street dog/puppy each month.


Silver adoption is £3.00 a week £12 a month and will feed, house and provide basic vet bills for one of the pups/kittens cats/dogs!


Gold adoption is £4.50 a week, £18 a month; this will feed, house and provide basic veterinary costs for a pup/kitten Dog/cat. It will also provide food and veterinary costs for our street dog outreach and feeding program.