Building a better feature with care & love

Share Tanzania operates in rural Tanzania, in the foot hills of mount Kilimanjaro. The goal is simple, to alleviate poverty, and improve the lives of vulnerable children living in the area.
Here at Share Tanzania we believe that a solution to many of the issues we see ourselves and others facing on earth, lay in the simple action of sharing. Sharing our time, resources, love and ideas can help to heal a great deal in this world.

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How the work began

The work here began its life on 01/01/2014 with John our founding director, its goal was to assist the children into a better quality of life in some way.

Having visited Uchira as a volunteer for an NGO called Village to Village, John wanted to do something about the hardships of the children he had met in the area.

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Smart solution to help & share

Many of these children had been driven into child labour in some form or another to provide for themselves, some in mines some in quarries or working in the fields, all of which is extremely hard work. Children work for very little pay whilst doing so… Many were managing to just a say provide for themselves with the basics of flour and beans to live off.

Many other promising and bright children, sat idol as parents frantically looked for ways to earn the money to pay school fees.

Most of the children in our Children’ fund have sadly lost their parents to various illnesses, the majority being HIV/AIDS.

Other children we have helped may have been abandoned or lost one parent perhaps. Several are living with parents with mental disabilities also.


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Ways To Share

Donate to a cause

Share Your Support With Those Who Need It Most – We are not keen on the word “donate” here at ShareTanzania. We prefer to see ourselves as a bridge, a bridge between the hearts of those who might want to share, and those on earth today, who truly need those hearts to share.

Fund Raising

ShareTanzania is always looking for fresh new ideas and people for our fundraising efforts. It is real blessing the children we support that people share their time, and efforts to raise funds to start new projects, protect children from the many difficulties they face here, or indeed support our existing projects and their development.

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Kilimanjaro Climb 2017/18

In September 2017, and an undecided date in 2018, with some help from our friends at Shah tours , we will be heading out on an exhibition to the summit of the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.

The trek passes through all climate types, from arid desert, lush tropical forest, moorlands, and snow covered glaciers, it is the only walk in the world of its kind….

The route we will take is Rongai, and it will take 8 nights of walking to summit, and return to the base camp at the foot of the mountain.

What does it cost? We are asking climbers to raise at least £2800.00 for their climb. This will cover flights, climb costs (a team of porters must attend climbs as it is too difficult without them) and this also leaves a donation of £1000 to support the work, and expansion of the work we do here in Tanzania.

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Share with a special needs child

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Why Share With A Special Needs Child?

As you can imagine or may know, caring for children with special needs can be a little more time consuming, and with it more expensive than most able-bodied children.
With a lot of hospital bills and specialist care needed, we naturally have a bit of a battle with 22 little ones in our care.

Sharing your support helps us to provide for the children we have here first and foremost, without people reaching out we simply would not be able to afford the staff, food and medical bills the children require. Nor could 2 of us care for 22 children alone I might add!
What sharing also does, though, is keep the door open for the next children who might need a safe and loving home, be they alone or with a single parent.
In a developing country like this, there is simply no support for the disabled community, and this is why we must keep striving to provide help for as many children as we can.

What Does It Cost & What Does It Pay For?

With staff, medical care, food and all the other amenities that we must find for a children’s upbringing in life, we spend on average around £20/$25 a week on the basics for each of our children. We know for most people that it is a little expensive, so tend to suggest persons wanting to share their support with the children can share in the costs of sponsoring one of the children. As an example, maybe 2, 3 or 4 people might share a little each to help us provide a home and care for one of the children.

The children all have 24-hour care, targeted nutrition, and a very wonderful and loving team including and on-site physiotherapist to help with their exercises, and rehabilitation.

We also have an occupational therapist, who assists in the development of the children, be it speech, or sensory progression for those who are blind, and much more.

Where Do Our Children Live?
All our special needs children live at our Eco children’s village, Feathers Tale. For more information about Feathers Tale please see the dedicated page on this website explaining all we do there.

Security Costs

Here at the children’s village where the children all live, we have had to take quite heavy security measures.

Sadly an ongoing religious practice with witch doctors lives here in Tanzania. More commonly known with the children who have albinism, witch doctor gangs target special needs children and albino children alike. Believing the children yield magical powers, or can if they are harmed or used in ceremonies.

Children taken are never seen again sadly. We have a child the police brought to us called Nimzana, who was rescued from a kidnap attempt by the witch doctor gangs.

It is a serious issue and naturally, we have had to install panic buttons and have more night watchmen than most.

A UN report said that a child can fetch up to $50,000 if they have albinism. No research on special needs children has been published yet.

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Share with a family that needs

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Your act of sharing helps to give a family in need a chance.

Recently in a few situations, we have found it necessary to support some families in Uchira with basic needs. This at first glance goes against our views and ethics in some ways, as it is much preferred to provide sustainable income or employment to assist those in need.

However, some families be it due to sickness, mental health, old age or just the down to the unavoidable harsh circumstances they have found themselves in, just can’t provide for themselves today with basics of food, water and adequate shelter.

The support is only ever a short-term plan, and we with the breathing space sponsorship allows, we begin the task of finding a long term and sustainable income and solution for the families in the program. Sometimes just finding a home for the homeless is all that is needed for family members to start finding work by themselves.

Sponsorship can come in 3 levels, namely as families differ in sizes and needs.


£25/$30 a month, can support a family of 4, and help them to get back on their feet as it were.


£35/$40 can support a family of 6 or a smaller family with persons with disabilities living at the home.


£50/$60 can support a larger family with all their needs, and help them to become self-sufficient, within a year or 2.

Restoring homes, restoring lives, restoring dignity.

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Share with a child in community

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Your act of sharing as little as £3.00/$4.00 a week, can provide a child with much needed education, medical care and housing if required. Above all else, it gives a child a chance.

Sharing as little as £3/$4 a week can provide a child with the things in life all children should have a birthright we feel.

  • Safe and secure access to full-time education
  • Access to medical care, as and when needed
  • Access to nutritional support, if, as and when needed
  • Housing if required
  • An escape from child labour (supplementing family income, or food supplies to ensure the children do not need to labour to help with the family needs)
  • Amenities, such as a mattress to sleep on, and a solar light to do home-work with( Dependent on the sponsorship level)
  • Additional educational support such as tuition (Dependent on the sponsorship level)
  • A childhood filled with hope, and a chance at their dreams with it.

We offer 3 tiers for child sponsorship. All sponsorship no matter what the tier changes young lives in Tanzania beyond comprehension.

Sponsoring a child on all tiers provides:


  • Access to full-time education
  • Access to medical care as and when needed
  • Access to suitable nutrition
  • Clothing shoes and all school equipment

Silver (all of the above +)

  • Housing if required
  • Additional support, tuition- (Government schools we work with do their best, but with a lack of funding and equipment, many of our children have much better pass marks when they have access to smaller tuition classes on an evening and weekend)

Gold (all of the above +)

  • Income supplementation to avoid children having to labour outside of school
  • Amenities such as mattresses. (most of the children we help have only ever slept on the floor.)
  • Solar lanterns- (to be able to study in an evening.)
  • Specialised medical care if needed. (If a child is disabled for example.)
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